Potentially Useful Thoughts: Champions That Force a Response

Posted: October 4, 2011 by atenthirtyone in Champions

Between playing this game quite a bit, and being a lucky bastard and getting riot points as gifts, I have a significant majority of the champions in League of Legends now. I was looking at the champions list, and I became to notice that some champions automatically force certain responses from the opposite team simply due to their mechanics, as well as their existence.

Here’s a champion that is probably the best example for what I am trying to say: Karthus. Everyone that has played League off Legends somewhat knows how potentially frustrating his ultimate, Requiem is. This ultimate allows Karthus to essentially remove around 200 damage from every enemy champion (for the most part) when he reaches level 6. So, pretty much during the laning phase, you automatically lose 200 health during a fight in the early game (unless you’re a special snowflake champion). What does this mean? You become reluctant to start a fight with the enemy laner unless you know that Karthus cannot use his ultimate (dead dead, or has no mana) or you can win the fight with more than 200 health (I know it does 250 magic damage but it tends to round out to 200 damage after resistances). That’s the beauty/atrocity of Karthus during this part of the game. He does automatically assists his team regardless of his location, and you know he can – his map control has range is the whole map.

Speaking of map control, everyone knows (or should knows) that wards and vision in general is really good. They lets you know that you can safety do something on the map without fear of being punished by the enemy team. You can also use said vision to create favorable fights or ganks for your team. While, extremely good players can estimate and assume where the enemy is or will be, only direct vision can confirm that information. So what if we can get infinite wards so your team gets map control? Enter Teemo, and his mushrooms (Noxious Traps). However, his mushrooms are much more than a ward. During the early and mid game, these already annoying mushrooms do a fair bit of damage and slowing effect when triggered. Most people probably had the misfortune of stepping on a mushroom when having barely health and giving that Teemo a kill. Trying to enter the jungle of an enemy team with Teemo is often a very dangerous move to make. Chances are, he will have the entrances trapped… meaning his team will know when you are trying to be sneaky and steal that blue buff. It really is not until your team can afford to buy Oracles that Teemo’s map control gets negated.

Now, I know I listed champions that have a lot of map control as champions that force a response. But, there’s also other champions that do not have map control at all that also easily force a response. In a typical game on Summoner’s Rift, both teams would have a jungler. There is also the decision whether to defend your jungler, or to invade the enemy jungle for a level one team fight, or to steal some jungle creeps. There’s one champion that will scare off either of these ideas to an enemy team – Blitzcrank. If a Blitzcrank ever lands a Rocket Grab, the target will probably get killed by the rest of Blitzcrank’s team. However, while the threat of Blitzcrank is very real, it is the fear of getting grabbed at level one that makes people not want to invade the jungle. “Is it worth it to go into the jungle when they have a Blitzcrank?” Often, the answers are no.

I am a bit on short on time this week (better than last week, then I had no at all). So I am going to end the examples here. There are tons of more champions that also do this, such as stealth champions (Twitch, pre-nerf Evelynn, etc) or champions that can gank from a full screen away (Fiddlesticks or Nocturne). The point is that these champions provoke how other players play simply by getting chosen. Now, dear readers, what are some champions that you fear or change your style of play when they are on the enemy team?

  1. damndirtycat says:

    Jax always makes me grab a Sword of the Divine, that smug bastard.

  2. drhooble says:

    Heroes like Fiddlesticks if played well or even mediocre can force the other team to all buy Tenacity items (usually boots) which can be a huge burden on ap carries that rely on magic pen but can’t risk being feared or stunned for 3 seconds and thus give up sorc boots.

    Another that really changes playing style is Soraka. When played correctly her ultimate really gives the edge in team fights and in sustained pokes. Being able to heal nearly all the damage a champ like Cassiopeia dishes out without losing much mana on your side is pretty huge.

    Tyrndamere also because you can’t fight him after 6 unless you know you can either 1-shot/silence him or hold him in place long enough so that he dies. And if playing as/with Tryndamere diving a tower becomes constant instead of rare.

    Also if Udyr is jungling against me I turn off my computer and pretend my internet lagged 😀

    • damndirtycat says:

      Two things:

      1. There are people who still don’t buy Merc Treads all the time?

      2. I think you mean Karthus, Cassiopeia dishes out far more damage per second than Soraka can heal.

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