Reader’s Day Results

Posted: October 9, 2011 by xenocidebrm in General

Well, dear readers, the results of the Reader’s Day poll are in! Strap yourselves in for a ride through the wonderful world of evaluation and hipster metaconsideration!

Reader’s Day Poll Results

Instructional Videos: 20.83% (5)

Comedy Articles: 29.17% (7)

Active Livestream: 0.00% (0)

Character Guides: 29.17% (7)

Podcasts: 4.17% (1)

Other: 16.67% (4)

Total Votes: 24

So let’s hypothetically say that since the Reader’s Day Poll, this website has received just over 1800 viewers. Let’s also hypothetically say that the poll only received a total of 24 votes. Hypothetically speaking, this would mean that just over 1% of League of Legends players who visit this site voted. It would also mean that League of Legends players are not lazy enough to find us on Google through “league of legends why irelia doesnt have white hair” but too lazy to click a one button poll. Hypothetically speaking.

That being said, I am pretty excited about the Reader’s Day Poll, and not just because it means I get to sift through the interesting Google searches people use to find us. First of all, it means that no one wants a Livestream. That works for me since it slows and crashes my computer all the time. Secondly, people also don’t really seem to want Podcasts. Since we only do Podcasts once in a while as an unobtrusive personal project, we can keep making these and no one has to listen anyway. Third, and most importantly, Instructional Videos, Character Guides, and Comedy Articles received the most votes. We hear you: you guys come to this site for game advice and funny stuff. We’ll make sure to focus our efforts onto these three ideas.

On a somewhat related note, the Other button had a write-in box for people. While three of these were generic metagame guide requests, one Other vote by a reader made what could possibly be the best League of Legends request ever:

“boobs compilation featuriing the female champs but also gragas and urgot”

We’ll get right on that.

  1. Gorgosch says:

    24 Feedback is more than nothing.
    Sure not great at all. It perfectly fits into the sheme we have discovered in employer behaviour within companies.
    1. Everything should be delivered to me.
    2. I will not put effort into things, that should be delivered to me
    3. Of course I will blame everybody if it is not available

    Sorry guys, but I think this is the culture of our generation.

  2. Capac Amaru says:

    My metagame request was not generic because i spelt it ‘metagaem’

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