Last Hitting

Posted: October 21, 2011 by thewoebringer in Laning

What’s up Lol no elo readers. Missed a few days there, but that ain’t nothing new. Today I’m here to talk about a theory that I have been at least partially convinced of. Here it is: Your level of game play is directly tied to how well you farm. Every champion needs to get gold, and the most predominant source of which is farming.  If you want to get better at this game, work on your farm.

Step 1: Learn how to last hit.

Just auto attacking isn’t helping you out as we here have mentioned many times. Try and continue moving at a reasonably close distance to the minions so you can easily queue up that auto attack at the right time. If your last hitting with spells, set them up so you get maximum use out of them.

Step 2: Learn how to manipulate the health bars.

When we look at last hitting we see that just hitting the minions doesn’t move us into gosu pro tier of farming. The main reason is that when waiting sometimes two minions are dropping in health equally. This means that when it comes into last hit range, you can only get one. This is no good, we want all the farms. This is where the health manipulation comes into play. If you notice the health of two minions dropping equally throw in an auto attack or two to differentiate their health bars. This way one will be ready to be last hit before the other and you can get both.

Step 3:

Learn how to position yourself. Positioning yourself can have a huge impact on your farm. If you stand too far away you might mess up your timing with having to move and then auto attack. Make sure you position yourself so you can optimally grab all the creeps. Sometimes the wave gets split apart. Even if you can get this creep you want to make sure you’re positioning yourself to get the next one as well.

Step 4:

Harass and farm. Harassing your enemy can make it easier to farm, but generally is seen as lowering your own farm. This isn’t necessarily true. Generally there are periods when you don’t need to interact with the creep wave. Use this time wisely, through either harassing or zoning.

So there are my steps for getting better at farming. Remember, all objectives boil down to map control and gold. The best way to get gold is through farming, if you farm well, you will carry more games, I guarantee it. Also as Mr. Cat has said we got some riot nasus skins to give out from comic con, but we haven’t decided on the format yet. I will also be coming out with a video to illustrate some of these steps, so keep an eye on the horizon. Flame me at

  1. Capac Amaru says:

    Tips for last hitting when you are laning against MUST AA MINIONS MUST FARM MINIONS GOTTA HIT MINIONS would be good too.

  2. nmTd[ says:

    “Tips for last hitting when you are laning against MUST AA MINIONS MUST FARM MINIONS GOTTA HIT MINIONS would be good too.”

    Lots of poke and harass. Learn how to last hit effectively under a turret, and let them push the wave into your turret. After that, you can poke all you want and they can’t chase you because you’re guarded by the turret. Also, with the lane pushed, it’s a very good time to convince someone from another lane to come and gank. Most times, if anyone has a hard CC ability like stun, snare, surpress, or fear, it can be an almost guaranteed kill, which is well worth the exp and gold they would lose from leaving the lane.

    • Capac Amaru says:

      All good advice. But lets say you are getting pushed hard by Heimer in mid, and since you are playing in normals no one on your team can be assed ganking. The minions and the omg rly turrets are shredding your tower out from under you. What do?

      • I would say this depends on what champion you are playing. If you’re playing a strong 1v1 champ. Harass hard to relieve the pressure. A dead/ low hp champ can’t play as aggressively. If you are an aoe type champ I would definitely try to proactively hurt the minions so they are easier to clean up. Also kill those damn turrets.

      • Shade says:

        Don’t kill the turrets. Your team should have a jungler. They push, you gank, you win. See my comment way below –>

  3. nmTd[ says:

    Get some lube.

    The way the game is balanced is when you have teammates that are on roughly equal skill and cooperation levels as you. If you can’t convince someone to gank when you’re pressed against your tower, there are much greater issues at hand and most likely the game is going to be a one-sided slaughter anyways. Unfortunately, the only way to solve this is to just keep grinding through levels until you get to higher ones with people who have learned to play.

  4. Capac Amaru says:

    Also, how to politely inform and instruct your team mates who somehow manage to have gotten hundreds of wins with out figuring it out when they insist on jamming your lane right up against the enemy tower.

  5. Shade says:

    The ‘what do I do if my team can’t help me gank and heimers shredding my face’ question shouldn’t even need to be posed. If your team is at least somewhat decently comped, they SHOULD HAVE A JANGLER. Even if the jungler isn’t ganking, it should be enough to keep everyone cautious about pushing their lanes foward. And if not, then hey, jungler comes in and you get a nice and easy kill on a heimer with no escape mechanism.

    • nmTd[ says:

      The site itself is dedicated towards teaching newbies with no ELO how to play. Junglers are all but non-existant before 30, even moreso before 20 without access to good runes. Speaking as someone who hit 30 just two weeks ago, I can count the number of junglers I’ve had (that weren’t me) on one hand. As such, I feel like ‘lol shoulds had a jungler’ is kind of a disingenous response.

      • Shade says:

        If you’re playing a low ranked game you should still be learning how to play like you will when you’re a higher level. For instance, even without a jungler on either team, you should not be pushing your lane unless you absolutely trust mid to call MIA every 5 seconds to avoid a gank top or bottom or are mid and can trust both top and bot to call mia on 2 people at the same time to save you from getting ganked. Long story short, creep pushing / auto attacking creeps early game is almost NEVER a good idea, unless you’re a bruiser against an assassin and can just rofl and escape if you need to.

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