Low Level Jungle Series: Fiddlesticks

Posted: October 28, 2011 by kingofgob in Champions, Guides, Jungling

So I know recently there has been a lot of talk about jungling here at NoElo and I see several people say, “I know jungling is possible with full runes and masteries but I’m not max level yet so I can’t do it yet.”  Well here’s the thing no you can not jungle to the best of a characters ability without a full set of runes and masteries, but you that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  There is no reason players should wait until max summoner level to start jungling.  Jungling is an art not a science so the more practice you have at it the better you will get.  Being able to see when a gank is possible, knowing where to place wards or finding a champ that really shines in the jungle are all skills that should be honed as early as possible.  So here is my Fiddlesticks guide.  I hope you guys enjoy it and maybe you learn something too.  Email me or leave me a comment with any questions you may have (KingofGob@gmail.com).  And don’t forget you have one more day to get involved in our Riot Nasis Skin giveaway so if you like free stuff check it out.

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