The Summoner Spell Switch-up

Posted: November 6, 2011 by thewoebringer in General

Well as you guys probably have seen by now RIOT has announced some changes to summoner spells. What? You haven’t heard? WELL THEN YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. I’m going to talk about what it means for us the players and for what riot is trying to do from a design standpoint to the game.

First, lets look at the changes to flash and clairvoyance. Flash is once again getting nerfed because of it’s domination of selection at almost every level of play. Basically flash is such an attractive option that pretty much everyone who doesn’t get a big use out of ghost gets flash. It’s used frustratingly offensively and defensively, but does add depth to the game, which is why RIOT won’t remove it. Instead it’s cooldown is getting extended and its range nerfed. I assume this nerf wont effect flashing walls too much but is designed instead to target the “I am creating/removing distance flash.” I believe RIOT wants ghost to fill this role, with flash being more focused at flashing terrain but we will see.  Clairvoyance’s cooldown is also being extended. As it is now, RIOT feels that CV’s frequency makes it a “jungle tracker” that they feel makes jungling even more difficult than it needs to be. It will still be used, but now it will be much more strategically important rather then a spam spell.

Next up is cleanse. Cleanse is getting an important buff in the future, it will now remove summoner spell effects. This makes it a WAY more popular option now. Traditionally the spells ignite and exhaust were big offensive boosts and having the ability to not only remove them but also cc is huge. This is a really good change and should bring cleanse in line with exhaust and ignite.

Now we have the huge changes, the spells Rally and fortify are being removed. Why? Well rally just plain sucks. No one uses it because the buff is stationary and can be easily removed by killing the rally beacon. They have stated the replacement spell is currently called Surge. This spell will essentially be what rally should be, an aoe steriod buff for you and your allies centered on you. I think this spell depending on the numbers will also by a tasty option for a team. Fortify is being removed because RIOT feels that it promotes stagnant gameplay by shutting down pushes, in the same vein as their support nerf. Instead promote is returning to the ranks. Promote will be able to beef up one cannon minion. Now they’ve had problems in the past with promote and it is yet to be seen if they can keep this spell powerful enough to where you want to take it but not let it ruin games with cheesing strategies.

Overall, I think the changes are really good. In essence, they are trying to encourage more spells to be taken over a wider variety of champions and, from what I’ve seen so far, I think it will widely be successful. What do you think? As always for questions, concerns, jokes, riddles, or death threats.

  1. damndirtycat says:

    With all these changes, which are, as you said, nerfs to sustain and safety in lane, do you expect players to play safer or more recklessly? Some have expressed concern that without safety spells, players won’t even bother to leave their tower.

    • I think that it will encourage players to develop a style more tailored to themselves rather than to a set meta. Some will feel less inclined to be reckless, others wont care because they ward and do things to protect themselves, and others will just go all out. Also the cleanse buff is actually a sustain buff, for what it’s worth.

  2. Capac Amaru says:

    I’m going to miss fortify… it was really useful for 2v1 top, and for holding a turret while you rush to defend it.

  3. nmTd[ says:

    Cleanse buff seems like it could be a little overkill on Tryndamere. Igniting him slightly after he ulted was one of the very few ways to guarantee a kill on him. With that being out of the picture, he may become quite OP. The other way was to chain CC on him, which already made cleanse a very appealing option for him.

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