Blizzard Dota Impressions (Not Dota 2)

Posted: November 12, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Events, General
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I’m standing in line to play a pre-release version of Dota (at GSTAR, a game conference in Busan, South Korea).  So far, there are 12 heroes, grouped into DPS, Tank, Support, and Siege groups.  They feature big names like Witch Doctor, Nova, Muradin, Arthas, Kerrigan, and more.  Three lanes, tough looking jungle creeps, and no dedicated junglers as we see in LoL.  So far, it looks like a blind pick system.  I should be in the next wave or so of players, so more info and a video then.

So I played it!  And it felt like a really really nice custom map for SC2.  Bear in mind this is an unreleased, possibly free game.  Here are my notes:

No K/D/A visible
No CS visible
Towers not as threatening as League
12 champs
Out “soonish”
Scoreboard shows total gold earned
Uses SC2 engine
No deny mechanic that I noticed
Items focus solely on active abilities
3 Upgrades to stats
Free blue pill spell and mount (speed increase)
No summoner spell equivs

As of right now, it’s too early to say how this will fare against other MOBAs, but it was certainly interesting to see.

Blizzard Dota Minimap:


  1. Shade says:

    Interesting…still wish they would put a deny mechanic in more of these, really ups the skill cap.

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