New Mastery Pages

Posted: November 15, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Guides, Metagame, Patch

I’ve been quiet for the last week as I am a busy cat. Fear not, however, for I know the question you’re already asking! How am I supposed to figure out what masteries to use in the new patch? Read on and find out, dear reader!

Since the Fizz Patch (released today) was a tournament patch, Riot decided that it would be a good idea to change as little as possible. Apparently, this is read as “the biggest patch in six months” and all of the mastery trees have been revamped into a cross between a candy shop and Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. Virtually nothing was left unchanged, but it’s thankfully all much better. You genuinely want nearly everything so taking a set of masteries feels powerful and rewarding. The offense tree finally works well for casters interested in damage, the defense tree got a nice set of buffs, and the utility tree is useful for everyone but especially for support.

To celebrate the new masteries, here’s some quickly mathcrafted mastery pages for you guys!


AP Burst

AP Sustain


Hybrid AD-AP

While these are general pages, you should go out and experiment with different characters to find ideal mastery pages. Share your mastery pages with us in the comments!

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