Dominio de Páginas – Jungling

Posted: November 20, 2011 by xenocidebrm in General

While last week I gave out some quickly sketched out Mastery Pages for laners, I never demonstrated some of the Mastery Pages for junglers. These were intentionally omitted while I did mathcrafting and Custom Games so I could start a new weekly article: Dominio de Páginas! These articles will focus exclusively on the new Masteries, giving you the finest in mathcrafted pages without the inflexibility of individual character guides.

Balanced Jungle Page

If you want to jungle like a madman, the Balanced Jungle Page lets you do just that. Equal parts Offense, Defense, and Utility, it gives you everything a jungler needs to clear as quick as possible, stay at full HP, and keep buffs for as long as possible. The price you pay for this extraordinary jungle page is that you only get three extra points to spend.

Offensive Jungle Page

21 points in Offense, no question. The Offense Tree for Masteries actually feels a little barren for AD characters now. Havoc and the Critical parts of the tree are quite weak for most junglers but you’re forced to take them if you want to grab the full 21 points in the tree. However, if you want to reach the final tier of Masteries in one Tree but want to maintain jungling speed, the Offensive Jungle Page is the way to go. Nine spare points let Hybrid AD-AP characters dump their remaining points into the Offense tree, while other characters can grab extra Health, more damage (from Bladed Armor), or 20% extra time on buffs.

Defensive Jungle Page

Some characters don’t have enough health to clear Blue or Red buff camps at level 1. For these characters, the Defensive Jungle Page will turn that frown into a nasty jungler waiting to gank at full HP. 14 points in the defense tree give you an extra 36 health at level 1 and plenty of Armor/Damage Reduction against jungle creeps. You should still take nine points in Offense, however, as these points will always help you jungle faster and take advantage of your higher HP. You get seven points to play around with here, so spend your points wisely.

Utility Jungle Page

The Utility Jungle Page is the closest one can get to the old nine points in Utility everyone used to take. Now, we are forced to dump 15 points into Utility to see the experience benefit. Indeed, the only characters who should use the Utility Jungler page are those who absolutely must hit level 3 after doing Blue, Wolves, and Wraiths. Without the three points in the Awareness Mastery, you will be around 20 experience short of level 3, which can make ganking or killing Red nearly impossible for some characters. Throw one more point into Awareness if you want to hit level 4 early as well. You get fifteen points to play around with, so it’s not inflexible, simply inferior to the old nine points in Utility.

  1. duck says:

    Takes the 4 extra minion damage mastery
    Doesn’t take the 6 armor pen mastery

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