Fizz – A Review

Posted: November 22, 2011 by atenthirtyone in Champions, General

Hello, readers. It’s been a while since I written an article for lolnoelo. In this article, I am going to give you guys a review on the new champion, Fizz, the Tidal Trickster. Before he was released, Riot described this champion as an assassin character that is extremely mobile and has various tools up his sleev… fins allowing him to pursue or escape with ease. However, unlike other assassins, Fizz does not have high burst. Instead, he has high sustained damage allowing him to still threaten squishy champions, while being able to fight straight up with more durable champions. Oh, and he does magic damage. Now, let’s take a look at his abilities to see how Riot tried to realize this concept of a slippery assassin mage bruiser.

Nimble Fighter (Passive) – This is an interesting passive that has two parts to it. The first allows Fizz to ignore unit collision with any activations. This means he will never have to worry about getting stuck between a minion wave, which is pretty nice. In addition, Fizz takes a flat and scaling reduced auto attack damage. While, not nearly as flashy as the “walk through units”, I believe this is the far stronger component of his passive. Why? By taking less damage from minions during laning phase, this means that Fizz can last much longer in lane despite having no direct way to heal. This is especially valuable when Fizz wants to do some aggressive harassing in lane as he will suffer far less when the enemy minions defend their champions. Yet, the strongest part about this passive is that it is amazing for the jungle. Reduction from damage of any kind is highly valued for junglers.

Urchin Strike – This is almost a standard charge-in ability that many melee champions have to close the gaps. However, there are things that make this unique for Fizz. First, it applies on-hit effects of all kinds (including Fizz’s on-hit ability, Seastone Trident). This quite nice as it means that if Fizz has an on-hit slow, he will automatically apply it when he charges in, as oppose to charge in and then having to autoattack once. The second difference is that the charge distance for Urchin Strike is always static. This allows Fizz to do a lot of tricky maneuvers such as using this ability to create distance when the enemy is near or charging an enemy tank to get next to a squishy carry. I am personally a big fan of this static distance component as it gives a lot of creative and strategic potential to this ability. Oh, and this ability is a pretty solid nuke as it scales well with AP (0.7, which is standard for most mage nukes).

Seastone Trident – This ability has two parts to it (this seems like the theme with newer champions, as Riot improves in creating abilities and mechanics). The first part is a passive on-hit poison that is very similar to Teemo’s Toxic Shot. However, unlike Teemo’s poison, Seastone Trident actually scales okay with AP (0.35). Furthermore, the poison does more damage the less health they have (kinda like Lee Sin’s Resonating Strike). This makes Fizz’s poison extremely dangerous as it “ticks” for more damage when enemies are low on health. The second part of Seastone Trident is a lot more straight forward. When the ability is activated, Fizz does additional magical damage on hit, and it scales okay for something like this as well (.35 from AP). Overall, this ability gives Fizz the sustained magical damage that he needs to stay in a brawl.

Playful / Trickster – If you seen a Fizz in action, this is that annoying ability where he lifts himself off the ground with his trident in the air, allowing him dodge attacks and abilities. The only reason that this ability has two parts is because the Fizz player can decide how to use the “end” of this ability. After lifting onto his trident, Fizz can choose to either use Playful by doing nothing, which end with Fizz slamming onto the ground and causing a slow effect. If the Fizz chooses to use Trickster, then Fizz does a second small hop with his trident, but results in no slow. Either way, this ability does the same amount of damage and has the same AP scaling (0.75). It’s whether you want more distance or a slow. This ability really encourages Fizz players to learn which version is better at their current situation, rather than just smashing the ability. It also allows for reflexes, timing, and a bit of prediction to be essential when playing this champion as well.

Chum the Waters (Ultimate) – While, this ability is probably the main sales pitch for Fizz, I find that it is the least interesting mechanic out of all of his abilities and character concept. This ability is essentially a slow projectile skill shot that will attach to the first champion it hits or land at the end of its flight. If a champion is tagged by the fish projectile, then they get slowed as well. After a 1.5 seconds, a shark appears and knocks up the tagged champion, and knocking away other surrounding enemies. The damage is dealt at the time that the shark appears. This ultimate does fairly good damage for an aoe ability and scales very well with AP (1.0!). While, this can be used for a strong nuke, I think that this is more for utility and changing the enemy position than anything else. With a relatively low cooldown for an ultimate with lots of utility and damage, it’s overall a very strong ultimate.

As we can see here, Fizz has lots of mobility and movement impairing capabilities which means he has strong ganks and the ability to endanger key enemy targets in team fights. All of his abilities scale with AP quite well, and despite being supposedly being sustained damage, Fizz can actually burst quite hard. Now, the question is what position should Fizz be in Summoner’s Rift? Let’s take a look at the four potential places he can be in:

Solo top – This is typically where bruisers and champions with strong lane sustain stay and farm all day in. Fizz is classified as a bruiser or “fighter”, but he does not have any method to outside of items to regenerate health. He does have some degree of damage mitigation through his passive and running away (via Playful/Trickster). His gank potential is also a bit wasted at a side lane. His ability to duel is decent although the first problem of no method to heal hurts him quite a bit. Overall, Fizz can stay top lane and will benefit greatly because he needs a lot of farm to transition well later in the game (the need to build AP for damage and defense for not dying as a melee). However, you will generally want him to be fighting another top laning champion that does not have great sustain or dueling capabilities.

Mid lane – For a while now, this lane is dominated by champions who use the solo experience to maximize their damage with their abilities (ie, mages). The good news is that Fizz is extremely ability heavy which is really needed to fight off popular mid lane choices. With his many ways to close the gap and deal pretty good burst damage, Fizz can do fairly well in the mid lane. He does run into some problems being harassed by ranged autoattacks and abilities, which forces him to either ignore and heal via potions, or dodge with his abilities which costs mana. As a champion that can duel pretty well, I think Fizz can be a great choice in the mid lane depending on matchups. In addition, being mid lane means he can go for potential ganks on the side lanes, which is really nice since his ganks are quite strong. Finally, Fizz actually has really good sustained damage, which means his dragon and baron control is good despite being AP.

Bot lane – The “standard” champion composition of this lane is one ranged carry and a champion that plays support. As you readers know the carry farms all of the creep, and the support keeps the carry alive. While harassing and coordinated ganks do occur, they exist to make sure that one team’s carry has better farm that the other. At the higher skill levels of LoL, this is also where the most conservative plays are made for the most part. Unfortunately, Fizz is not a ranged carry which means he will take a lot of harass when he last hits. Nor is he a champion that can support without gold. If someone really wants to play Fizz in bottom lane, then it is best to grab another champion that has strong killing potential. Something like a Blitzcrank or Alistar would be a strong partner as you want to actively kill or deny the enemy duo of last hits. Overall, this is probably the weakest place to put Fizz since other champions would take advantage of the nature of bottom lane a lot more.

Jungle – With a very strong passive that reduces the damage from neutral creeps and fairly high sustained damage, Fizz can jungle quite fast (He is one of the fastest junglers if I am correct) and remain quite safe. By quite safe, I mean safe even without considering his ability to run away with Playful/Trickster. Fizz can also invade jungles quite well as he has both the mobility and dueling strength to scare or kill a lot of jungling choices. In addition, Fizz is very strong at ganking because his abilities make him both great at catching and killing targets. The only real weakness here is that jungling tends to encourage items that enhance a champion’s physical damage. However, this is not that bad for Fizz as you simply just do not focus on a high AP build. Instead, focus on his ability as a tanky bruiser that can pressure squishies. Oh, and attack speed is good for Fizz because his Seastone Trident’s active can take advantage of it. With a strong early jungle game and deadly ganks, this is one of Fizz’s best roles.

With the exception of bottom lane, Fizz is fairly versatile. The jungle is probably the safest place for Fizz, but depending on enemy champions (especially in draft mode), he can work really well in mid or top lane.

As a character concept, Fizz is a “silly” champion whom his abilities all seem ridiculous. However, this is probably due to the fact that Riot had been releasing nothing but “serious lore business” champions, so it’s a nice change of pace. His role has an annoying  “can catch you easily or run away” champion certainly does shake things up a bit. I do find his burst damage a bit high for a champion that also has a lot of mobility and solid sustained damage. However, numbers are something that can be changed so that is not really a problem. As a whole, Fizz is a fun and strong champion that brings a lot to League of Legends. His mechanics also show that Riot is definitely improving on how they are designing and coding the game.

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