Fizz Patch Skarner Jungle Full Clear

Posted: November 24, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Jungling, Patch

Since Riot keeps changing the characters and masteries used for jungling (making all the footage for my jungle guide obsolete), I’m just going to release these speed jungles for a while until the meta settles down. Here’s updated Skarner jungle as well as some Q&A about the videos!

Q: How many runs does it take to get one of these fastest clears?

A: Anywhere between 4 and 10 runs. However, once I’ve nailed down a fastest time I do it at least 3 more times to make sure it’s consistent and not merely a fluke. I don’t use Critical Strike or Dodge runes to achieve these times. With enough practice anyone can do the jungle this fast 100% of the time.

Q: Why Skarner again and again?

A: I learned to love the jungle when I had recently purchased Shaco and found out you were supposed to jungle with him. From there I knew being the jungler was my favorite place on the team. When I started making these videos, I had looked at Stonewall008’s guides to figure out how to jungle my most recent purchase, Skarner. When I finished my jungle, however, I noticed that I’d actually beaten Stonewall’s time with my modified runes and masteries. From there I knew that consistent speedruns were my thing. I’ve only used Skarner so far because they keep changing him and they just changed the mastery trees, but I’ve got other characters I’m working on speedruns for!

Q: How long does one of the videos take to make?

A: Doing the jungle runs actually only takes about an hour or two of mathcrafting and repetition. The recording of the video I do in LoL Recorder with FRAPS as I just can’t do a speedrun with the camera focused on the champion! Post-production takes around four hours as I make sure everything is just right. I use Windows Movie Maker 2.6 since I don’t really need anything fancy, although post-production time is usually doubled as I have to redo everything if the program crashes.

Q: What is the most difficult part of making these videos?

A: The hardest part of making these is finding the right music. What you’re looking for is music that fits the theme of the character while ensuring key points of the jungle (such as engaging or killing a camp) match up with changes in music. At the same time, I only really know video game music, so finding a specific piece that fits all of this criteria AND is from another video game is quite challenging.

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