Low Level Jungle Series – Patch Time

Posted: November 26, 2011 by kingofgob in General, Jungling

So it’s that time again. Another week another patch.if you haven’t watched the preview there is a great change coming for all low level junglers.  Last patch Riot threw all low level junglers a bone with the new masteries. The new mastery tree makes low level jungling much easier. It also allows junglers to sepecialize more in the offense or tank tree without the requirement to go into the support tree. Now low level jungling will be even easier. Phreak straight up says, “jungle camps will be easier.” Riot has heard all your cries and has finally done something to help you guys. Expect lots of low level jungling coverage in the coming weeks. Until then if you have anything you’d like to see in the coming week email me at KingofGob@gmail.com.

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