League of Media

Posted: December 12, 2011 by xenocidebrm in General

I enjoy League of Legends.  I also enjoy 8-bit art styles.  So when someone combines the two, it’s a guaranteed win!  In this post, I’d like to briefly link you guys to two of my new favorite Tumblr blogs, Pixel-League and Feeder Comics.

Pixel King of the LEaguePixel-League features original art done by a guy named Skeld, who plays on the NA servers.  It’s pretty cute, he’s working his way through the champs, taking requests, and even doing a little comedy as well!

Xmas Tree Maokai by ~MaTTcomGOFeeder Comics, despite having comics in the name, is a collection of fantastic League of Legends fanart.  Some of it is a little NSFW, so watch that if you’re at work, but most of it is on the safe side.  Each post is tagged with the champions involved, and there’s even a few specific tags for skin requests and gender swaps!  Very cool!  Run by a guy named Slants.

I’d also like to throw in a plug for my two favorite League musicians, Visix and Plentakill.  Visix does original raps set to classic beats, and Plentakill writes parody songs.  Both release songs every few weeks and everything they put out is high quality.  You can find both on Youtube!  I would recommend starting with either We Take Lives or Show’em What you Got by Visix and Baleful Strike or Frost Shot by Plentakill – all are super-catchy with great lyrics and production!

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