Just a Quickie

Posted: December 13, 2011 by xenocidebrm in General

The new Hybrid runes (Mark/Quintessence of Destruction) are 23% more efficient for any hybrid character.  Thanks to Omnipotence for the math! Also, remember that the new Spell Vamp runes work on AD abilities: Riven, Garen, and other AD casters are now nearly impossible to push out of lane.

  1. qqwerthy says:

    It just like World of Warcraft… the era of hybrids has begun!

  2. Shade says:

    So much for nerfing akali. Also does this mean Morde is now usefull…?

    • atenthirtyone says:

      Spell vamp will probably help Mordekaiser quite a bit along with the recent increases in his abilities’ number. This will help his sustain quite a bit since he no longer has the huge metal shield regen he used to abuse so well in lane.

  3. damndirtycat says:

    Akali needs an entire page dedicated to activating her passive, so these runes don’t do too much for her. In fact, most hybrids are better built with either Magic Pen or Armor Pen, so the Double Penetration runes, despite being efficient, aren’t very useful. Top laners who *have* to build hybrid, like Jax or Skarner, will find these runes to be very helpful.

  4. xenocidebrm says:

    I’m buying Ahri tonight, so expect a review soon!

  5. Rothmog says:

    What about some junglers like Maokai? The hybrid marks will help his auto-attack while not hampering the dmg of his abilities in late game. Perhaps Kogmaw would use these too.

    • Rothmog says:

      Kogmaw in a lane, that is.

    • damndirtycat says:

      While I would agree that putting these marks on Kog’Maw might allow you to do some sort of sweet hybrid build, I am hesitant to say that they would be good for junglers. The new jungle really requires a ton of speed, so sacrificing even a little bit of Armor Pen early game can hurt a lot. That being said, I don’t actually play Maokai, so experimentation is going to be your best guide here.

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