Ahri in Two Words

Posted: December 21, 2011 by xenocidebrm in Champions, General
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Not LeBlanc.  Also, I lied.  There are more words below!

Edit:  according to “nmTd[,” she should be played more as a Swain/Cass-style sustain damage kiter.  I tend to agree, and I would recommend you look at her this way!


Unfortunately, I will almost never play Ahri, because I just don’t see what she’s supposed to do.  She doesn’t burst as hard as LB or Akali, doesn’t harass as well as Zilean or Brand, and tends to get caught during her ult, focused, and destroyed.

While she is fun to play, her ratios feel a bit small for what I had expected.  I know that her Q does true damage, so a larger ratio might make her incredibly powerful, but as of right now she just doesn’t feel like she does any damage.  Her mana costs are such that you don’t really want to spam or harass too much with your spells.

All this being said, bear in mind that I’m not a particularly good player, and I’ve had a lot of potential play time eaten up by other things in my life, so it may not be a fair judgement.  I know DamnDirtyCat is also working on a review, so please take mine with a grain of salt and see what he has to say as well.

  1. Rothmog says:

    I think she is fairly balanced, as an assassin. She shouldn’t go balls deep into the other team. During team fights she should skirt the edges of the battle and chase down runners. She is like Akali, she gets caught and burst down, but can turn a fight if she enters at the right time. My only gripe with her is that the mana cost of her Q needs to be increased to prevent spamming at lover levels. The only champs that should be able to spam abilities like that are the ones that have a mechanic to get back mana (Karthus, Swain…)

    Try using her w/ a Vlad on your team and let him ult then go in and spam everything, then she has AOE burst.

    • xenocidebrm says:

      I’m not really looking for AOE burst, but single target burst, which I feel she’s lacking in compared to other champs like her (Akali, LeBlanc, etc). Like I said, though, I haven’t spent much time with her.

      • nmTd[ says:

        Despite what Riot titles her, she’s not an assassin. She’s a sustained DPS caster, more in the line of Swain or Cassiopeia, but with great mobility when her ult is up. She’s probably the best kiter in the game besides Kassadin once she gets Rylai’s. Her Q has enough range that you can kite people around and still hit a few people with it during a teamfight. Her W is what makes her so good at kiting, as anyone who comes near you is going to be slowed. Her E is also a pretty great initiation-initiator; it’s not enough to purely initiate on, but when followed up by any other common initiator (especially ones with skillshot-dependant initiations), it works wonders. Her ult is best used mid-late fight, first to get in range to safely Q W them, second to the side to get your cooldowns back, third either behind your team if your losing the fight, or behind the enemy team if you’re winning the fight to cut off runners. The most important thing is to remember, her three ultimate charges are not JUST used for damage, so you shouldn’t just spam them instantly. Spread them out to find times where you can use it for both utility and damage.

        Also, because of her ability to both kite and chase down, she’s one of the hardest Tryndamere counters I’ve seen so far.

  2. xenocidebrm says:

    Huh, that actually makes a lot of sense – if I think of her as a Swain-type sustain character who kites, suddenly I want to try her again. I mean, I was never foolish enough to actually think she was a super-burst-dive-in-uber-carry, but I just couldn’t figure her out.

    I’ve been playing a lot of solo queue lately, so I haven’t had a lot of time to spend with her. Thanks for the advice, I’ll work it in!

  3. Shade says:

    Play her like a speed based rise. you don’t auto attack so playing her like ez is out of the question, but come in and if you land your first nuke then pop your second and get out. The biggest problem for most Arhi players is that they don’t make use of her speed / ability to kite. You can do a lot of damage but as you pointed out before NOT as much as leblonc (so no one hitting) so you do damage, get out, wait for cd’s and repeat.
    Greed is the Arhi killer but that being said when fed I’ve gotten a penta 2v5 with her (Blitz and myself)

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