Discussion Time: Winning Ranked Games

Posted: January 1, 2012 by xenocidebrm in Guides, Laning, Metagame
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So recently, I’ve been on a winning streak in my solo queuing, and I wanted to have a little chat about some of the things that I think have contributed.  I’ve changed the way I play, the champions I play, and the manner in which I approach games.  However, I’m by no means an expert, so I’d like to hear what you all have to say as well.  Leave your thoughts on winning techniques in the comments, along with some of your all-time best successes and worst failures.

The way in which I play ranked games has shifted massively from where I was, say, two months ago.  One of the biggest things that I’ve started doing is actively trying to lead the team.  I understand that some people are completely and utterly not going to listen to me, and I’ve come to accept that; saving one person by calling out total MIAs or pointing out a likely gank makes all the effort worth it, however.  It starts as early as champion select; instead of typing “i solo top,” I do my best to say hello, then point out what I would like to do and what else I can do instead if that doesn’t work.  Nothing irks me more than someone who “calls” a role and doesn’t give any options, and I think people tend to respond well if you phrase it as a request or suggestion, rather than a command.  This is related to the way in which I approach games, which has definitely changed over time.

Recently, I watched an excellent talk by famous SC2 shoutcaster and Internet personality Sean “Day9” Plott called “Being Relentlessly Positive,” which works remarkably well in League.  One of his main points is that everything can be considered in a positive light.  It’s hard to look at a leaver, uncommunicative player, or a player who refuses to fit the team composition positively, but it’s imperative that we do.  If you’re reading this, try to think of a time that you lost or almost lost a 5v4 in your favor – I know it’s happened to me before.  An AFK player is not the end of the game, or of the world.  Being relentless positive means not only controlling your own emotions, but actively working to reassure and bring out the best in your teammates as well.

Last, I’ve stopped playing all but about 4-5 champions.  This is not to say that I only play 1 champ in ranked, regardless of team composition, but it does mean that after about 100 games in season 2, I’ve found my stride with 1 champ in each role.  For what it’s worth, I play exclusively LeBlanc, Karthus, Taric, Ashe, and Fiddlesticks.  I open up in champion select letting them know that I would like (not want) mid as LB, but that I am flexible.  My parents taught me that kings want, people would like – it’s just a more polite and less rage-inducing way of speaking.  Also (and we say this all the time), watch the minimap and act on what you see – if a fight is brewing in the next lane over and your lane is safe, go join in the fight!  Make sure that every fight your team gets in has numbers on your side.

In the end, I think that controlling your team’s actions through judicious use of chat and pings, their emotions through polite speech and positive framing, and your own performance through using only champions you’ve mastered has been the key to my recent hot streak.  What do you think?  Leave your thoughts and best/worst stories in the comments!

  1. drhooble says:

    I think you accidentally made a second, very poignant, comment here that we’ve discussed earlier. Notice the champions you’ve concentrated on: LeBlanc, Karthus, Taric, Ashe and Fiddlesticks. These champs together can make a complete team. You have every role covered. And also, covered by champs that are unlikely to be banned. This is a very important ability for an individual player to have if they want to win. It’s been argued that being good at one role is fine but practicing every role shows you what is needed by other players that you’ll be playing with. It let’s you know what they will or should be doing while you’re playing. This is a team game and it really helps to know what your teammates are doing or should be doing. It also gets you into the mind of your opponents as well. I’m gonna stop before this turns into another article but I think that you are completely correct with good attitude and good communication.

    • nmTd[ says:

      It may ‘work’ as a complete team, in the loosest sense of the word, but I’d never, ever play it as one. 3 AP carries is asking them to stack magic resist, and something as small as an early negatron can completely shut down LBs ability to snowball. On top of that, you have no major tower threats aside from Ashe, who is probably the weakest range carry in terms of raw damage output (though she makes it up in ridiculous utility). Your ability to push lanes and take towers is extremely low with only a single AD champion. On top of that, you have 3 of the squishiest casters, a support, and an AD. The only real advantage to that exact team comp would be the insane dragon/baron pressure that having Karthus and Fiddle would bring.

      Though I understand what you’re saying, you can fill any role you’re asked to play. I would still highly recommend picking up some sort of top lane AD bruiser or someone else with the ability to tank/initiate.

      • xenocidebrm says:

        I think you’re absolutely correct, and I think that works alongside my earlier point – to only play champions you’ve absolutely mastered. While I can play some of those tanky initiators, I don’t have any of them at the level that I need yet (I know myself – I don’t have the same experience with bruisers). I actually just picked up Vayne since I should really practice more than just Ashe when it comes to AD carries.

  2. Shade says:

    To win in a ranked game you need to first stop your team from fighting eachother. Since people are by nature assholes this is difficult but yelling at someone for failing never helps. If you don’t trust your team go a hard carry and politely ask for support / tank / jungler. if you don’t get it que dodge and repeat rather than have a team that all hate eachother.

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