Draft Mode – The Basics

Posted: January 8, 2012 by xenocidebrm in Guides, Metagame

With the release of Normal Draft Mode I still consistently see players confused as to how Draft Mode really works. I don’t doubt this is because of the influx of new players, but it also hints at a larger problem: people don’t understand how a draft is supposed to work. This series of articles will hopefully shed some light on the ins, outs, and basics of Draft Mode.

First, let us cover the differences between Blind Mode and Draft Mode. Blind Mode is a mode where ten summoners are split into two teams of five. These summoners may all select at the same time on a first-click first-serve basis, but may not have the same champion more than once on any one team. You are not privy to the other team’s selection of champions until the game starts to load up. In Draft Mode, you also have ten summoners split into two teams of five. However, summoners on each team take turns selecting, starting with one team, then the other, and so on until all summoners have selected. No champion may be selected more than once between the two teams, and you can see your opponents’ choices of champions. Again, champions are on a first-pick first-serve basis. There are also two additional phases to Draft Mode: Banning Phase and Trading Phase. In the Banning Phase, teams take turns banning up to six champions, making them unelectable by either team. In the Trading Phase, teams may trade champions between their fellow teammates.

What are the implications of these differences? Well, first off, Draft Mode requires you to have at least 16 champions, while Blind Mode does not, making Blind Mode a better selection for new players without many champions. Blind Mode also allows for mirror matchups, champions facing off against themselves, whereas Draft Mode does not. Importantly, this makes counterpicking a strong metagame strategy in Draft Mode. We’ll go over counterpicking in a later article. Finally, Draft Mode allows for banning and trading of champions, allowing you to strategically deny certain champions from the enemy team, then give them to players who can actually play them well.

Perhaps the most important difference is that in Blind Mode you can play any position you’d like. In Draft Mode, you must be able to fill any position the team happens to need. This is because in Blind Mode, you don’t know what the enemy is picking, so any strategy is theoretically viable. Draft Mode is much different. By not filling the positions needed for the current/counter metagame, you will oftentimes leave your team gimped. If you are looking to practice certain strategies or champions, you should play Blind Mode. When you’re ready to play in a semi-competitive environment, start playing Draft Mode.

  1. nmTd[ says:

    Draft mode is where you queue with 3 people, ask the last 2 what they want to play, and immediately ban those champions.

    Blind mode is where you play Teemo Fiddlesticks bottom lane.

  2. Capac Amaru says:

    Draft mode is where you hope to the gods that the fifth on your team agrees with what everyone else picks, or they will feed or dodge.

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