stfu riot ur trash elo neway

Posted: January 10, 2012 by xenocidebrm in General

  1. xenocidebrm says:

    u ks i reprt u

  2. Gorgosch says:

    Nothing to bad. Just a week of. You could generate great posts for this page in the meantime.

    Generally the tribunal is a good thing. The question is what Kind of behaviour has led to this cicumstances. You have not given much information and the E-mail neither.

    I have been treathend quite often for playing bad.

    But never ever has happend something.

    (My stats probably speak for me .-))

    Good Luck and do not let this get you down.

    The sun is always shining.

    • damndirtycat says:

      This is all they send you in the E-Mail. I have requested details on what exactly I’ve been banned for, but so far they’ve been silent on the matter. If I manage to get a hold of some chat logs, you guys will be the first to see them!

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