Sejuani Build Theorycraft

Posted: January 16, 2012 by xenocidebrm in General

When any new champion comes out, people don’t have a guide to tell them how to build a character. Often times, you’ll see people playing horrible AP builds on champions clearly built for AD or champions built to tank armed with Zeals and B.F. Swords. For the less experimental of us, we take a look at Phreak’s champion spotlight, forget whatever reasoning he put behind the items, and just try the recommended build. However, as we all should know, the recommended build is never the ideal build. Phreak himself has stated that the builds are intended for newer players and should work regardless of how the characters are buffed or nerfed (which is why Atmog’s/Fromog’s isn’t core for Gangplank, for instance).

Luckily, you guys have me to do the math for you on these characters! Normally I wouldn’t be able to release information like this because I wouldn’t have information on the champion, but a leak from the Chinese client allowed us access to the information on the new champion, Sejuani. Keep in mind everything in this article is still speculative because she hasn’t actually been released. For all we know, Riot will change her ratios and base damage around to make some of these build suggestions moot. Without further adieu, I present to you the non-Phreak mini-guide to Sejuani!

Leona is hardly the one you’d think I would mention in this article, but Sejuani reminds me a lot of Leona. Like Leona, Sejuani has terrible, awful AP ratios. If I ever see you build AP on Sejuani I will personally Human Nocturne-ult to your house and punch your computer so hard that the Higgs-Boson will appear. Leona is like Amumu, but worse; she sucks at laning and jungle instead of just being bad at laning, and all of her abilities are watered down versions of Amumu’s. Similarly, Sejuani is like Malphite in the sense that she does damage and slows people, but she’s much worse than Malphite in pretty much every conceivable way. Her cooldowns are super long, her damage is laughable, and her base stats are only slightly above average.

Priority Stats: On-Hit, CDR, Health, Armor/MRes

On-Hit is going to be the number one priority for Sejuani. She doesn’t do a lot of damage normally and therefore doesn’t draw a lot of threat. Her passive, however, allows her autoattacks to slow targets passively. By building something like Wit’s End or Malady she can put out respectable damage while remaining tanky or helping AP users deal damage better. Don’t build too much of this though, as it’s basically a waste if you can’t survive long enough to attack.

Sejuani’s ability cooldowns are long. Really, really, really long. 10 seconds or more on every single one, to be exact. That’s longer than Leona’s, so don’t expect to be doing anything but burst until you max out CDR, and don’t expect that burst to be very high.

One of Sejuani’s abilities does extra damage based on her Health. Ergo, Health will be more important on Sejuani than resists, at least when it’s early and mid game. Heart of Gold is mandatory. After Health, Armor and Magic Resistance will be more efficient to build, so grab some Armor and MRes items that also grant you CDR to kill two birds with one stone.

Items That Should Be Used on Sejuani

Mercury’s Treads


Ionian Boots of Lucidity


Wriggle’s Lantern (If jungling)


Warmog’s Armor


Atma’s Impaler


Wit’s End


Frozen Heart


Shurelya’s Reverie


Randuin’s Omen

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