Ziggs, the Hexplosives expert

Posted: January 29, 2012 by xenocidebrm in Champions, General, Patch

New champion time!  This time, we’re seeing some information on Ziggs, a scaling AP caster with an entirely new skillshot mechanic.  In addition to the official announcement, we’ve been able to find out some really cool information via Q&A with Ziggs’ creater, Riot staff member Meddler (redtracker).  There is also a Ziggs Patch Preview available on YouTube.  Here’s all the information you need to know.First, the basics from the Champion Reveal.  Ziggs’ passive is Short Fuse, which gives base + scaling AP on autoattacks every 12 seconds.  Using an ability lowers this cooldown.  Meddler has said that the damage and cooldown are such that you will want to autoattack sometimes during fights, but not feel punished for not doing so.  Speaking of autoattacks, Ziggs is a ranged autoattacker with mana.  All of his spells trigger spell vamp at the AoE rate, so spell vamp won’t be fantastic on him.

His Q, Bouncing Bomb, is where things get interesting.  Basically, this is a skillshot nuke that has an initial “arc” that can fly over champions and minions.  Assuming no collisions, it will bounce two more times, each bounce shorter than the last.  Designers have been very close-lipped about exactly how the bouncing works, saying that “once you see them in action/get some practice with them you’ll develop a good feel for how they work” (Meddler).  Phreak has confirmed for us that the bombs will not bounce off of walls, but will detonate when they hit minions,  champions, or terrain.  Apparently, it can bounce over shorter champions such as Yordles, as well.

His W is Satchel Charge, a moderately sized AoE that also does knockback.  Satchel Charge will not damage Ziggs, and will knock him back further than enemies, meaning it can be used to “grenade jump” terrain.  Satchel Charge does knockback based on how far the target is from the center of the blast, meaning that using it for jukes by knocking yourself in unexpected directions will be a powerful tactic.

His E ability is Hexplosive Minefield, which flings out several mines (each of which can explode separately) that persist for a moderate amount of time.  It has been specifically stated that these are not like Teemo ‘shrooms and are more intended for area denial during chases or just before a team fight.  Minions can trigger them, and a single mine will pop a Banshee’s Veil.  Also, they briefly grant vision when they are placed and when they explode (Meddler).

What I love, though, is his R ultimate ability, Mega Inferno Bomb.  Probably my favorite things about this ability?  A range longer than Lux’s ultimate!  Meddler has confirmed that his ult goes further than Lux’s, which is incredible to me.  When I first heard about Xerath, this is how I had imagined his ultimate – raining down like artillery on far away targets.  It has a long CD, even by ultimate standards, but looks like it will be incredible.

And here’s some art!  Don’t forget to leave comments in the section below telling us your thoughts!

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