Items Guide – Magic Resist Part 1

Posted: February 3, 2012 by xenocidebrm in Items

All the Armor in the world won’t stop you from dying to that fed AP mid. While less important than Armor, Magic Resist can mean the difference between surviving at half HP and finding yourself back at the spawning pool. AP is all about early and mid game dominance, so make sure to pick up AP defenses before the enemy has a chance to burst you down to zero!

As an aside, I’ve also put in how to counter each of these items. I will be updating past articles over the next week with strategies against items, so re-read those past articles to learn even more!

Abyssal Scepter – Most people don’t buy this for the Magic Resistance, but for the AP and Magic Resistance Reduction aura it applies to enemies. An underused item, it is surprisingly efficient for its cost and works great on anyone who needs good Magic Resistance and builds AP. Particularly potent on AP Tanks and a great third or fourth item.

How to Counter – Either stay away from the person who has this, focus them with AD damage, or buy your own Abyssal Scepter!

Aegis of the Legion – While not a great item if you’re looking just for Magic Resistance, this early game item gives you a little bit of everything in an AoE aura. Attack Damage, Armor, and Magic Resist is all yours for just under 1995 gold! But wait! Call now and we’ll throw in a little bit of Health ABSOLUTELY FREE! Great on supports and junglers, borderline useless on everyone else.

How to Counter – Kill the person of the Aegis to stop the bonus from spreading around. Cutting them off from the rest of their team will also work.

Banshee’s Veil – As far as Magic Resist items go, Banshee’s Veil has only a single competitor in overall usefulness. Building out of the hyper-efficient Catalyst the Protector, you lose the passive level-up heal and mana regen granted by the Catalyst but gain a bit more HP and Mana. You also get a decent Magic Resist buff, but the true magic in this item comes from its own unique passive. Banshee’s Veil, every 60 seconds, will grant you a shield that will completely block any ability. COMPLETELY. Karthus ult? No problem. LeBlanc combo? Please. Veigar stun? GTFO. Even better, occasionally the shield will block multiple spells, provided they are cast on you at nearly the same time. Not cost efficient on anyone without mana, but otherwise the second best Magic Resist item in the game.

How to Counter – Either use an easily spammable ability or a weak ability to “pop” the protective shield this item grants.

Chalice of Harmony – Forged in the fires of Equestria or something comes this beast of an item.  It is somewhat expensive, doesn’t upgrade into anything, and on paper has crap stats. Most players won’t give this item a second glance. They are wrong, so very wrong. What you are looking at, my friends, is the AP equivalent to Wriggle’s Lantern, a super-sustain item designed to give you an edge over an enemy AP caster. Unlike Wriggle’s Lantern, it can be used by anyone who uses mana. If you see an AP caster on the other side of your lane and want to out-sustain them in the mana department while grabbing some nice Magic Resist, strongly consider this item.

How to Counter – Get some AD damage and mana with a Sheen if it fits your character, otherwise you’ll just have to keep building AP and pray that you can kill them before they kill you. However, its advantage does fall off after laning phase.

Force of Nature – While this item has the highest Magic Resistance in the game, it is also the most expensive by about 600 gold. On top of beastly Magic Resistance, it also grants you both flat and percent passive Health Regen. Unfortunately, the percent passive Health Regen is based on your maximum HP total, making this item reserved for high HP tanks. Great for tanks like Singed, Volibear, and Sejuani, mediocre at best on everyone else.

How to Counter – Don’t use spells on this person. If you have to kill someone wearing this, make sure you have enough to burst him from full to zero, otherwise he’ll just run away for a few seconds and come back with full HP.

Guardian Angel – Not one of my favorite items, as I discussed in the Items Guide – Armor Part 1. Decent Magic Resist and Armor. You pay 1000 gold alone for the passive, however, making this item good for one teamfight and if you don’t win it you’ll die anyway as everyone camps your respawning body. The aura definitely dissuades people from attacking you, however, and it forces an enemy to focus you twice if you’re a carry.

How to Counter – Don’t attack someone with a Guardian Angel if you can. They are 1000 gold behind everyone else in terms of stats, so you should be able to ignore them until the end of the battle where you can kill them twice relatively easily. If you absolutely have to kill someone with a Guardian Angel, kill them quickly, switch targets momentarily, then switch back to the original target to keep them down.

Hexdrinker – I love this item so much, but I rarely get to build it these days because few people play Karthus/LeBlanc/Kassadin. In addition to being a great AD defensive item, it gives you a smattering of Magic Resist and a mini-Banshee’s Veil aura. If you would be brought below 30% HP at any time by magic damage, you instantly gain a 300 HP magic damage shield for a few seconds. I can’t count the number of times this item has saved my life from an AP caster’s full combo, leaving me to clean them up. Highly underrated item for AD Melee characters.

How to Counter – Either attack this person with AD damage once they’re near 30% HP or poke them down to 30% HP with magic damage and wait 4 seconds for the shield to fall off.

Thanks to the League of Legends Wiki for the pictures!

  1. Rothmog says:

    They need to add a new item that builds from Kage’s Lucky Pick + Chalice! Every other Gp5 item has 2 build options now. Chalice should build into something or it really isn’t worth it in the current meta. People don’t build items and then sell later w/ the exception of Doran’s items(for the most part). Chalice isn’t efficient enough for the cost of an item slot. I envision the item created from Kage’s Lucky Pick + Chalice to be the ultimate Swain item. Swain needs some love since Riot screwed w/ Spirit Visage.

  2. Gorgosch says:

    Great articel. I was not even aware of Hexdrinker and will have a closer look on this beauty and see how it fits in my builds.

    Also the counter of those items are great suggestions. I was always wondering what to do to the builds of the opponents i was playing.

    In most cases I guess, the build of the opponents are just ignored. Already to many information to handle. But I am trying to improve in this area.

    My biggest unsolved questions. How to kill a guy with thornmail?

    • damndirtycat says:

      I’ve been going through the past articles and updating the previous item guides. Here’s the counter to Thornmail entry!

      “How to Counter – Building heavy Magic Resist will let you ignore the 30% magic damage slung back at you, while On-Hit items will cut right past the enormous Armor bonus. Life Steal items should also be considered, as it is possible to gain more Health back from an attack with Life Steal than you’ll lose with an attack.”

      To answer more specifically, Quicksilver Sash, Banshee’s Veil, Madred’s Bloodrazor, Wit’s End, and Bloodthirster are all reasonable counters to Thornmail.

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