How to Not Get Banned

Posted: February 4, 2012 by xenocidebrm in General

I recommend Full Screen because you can’t see the chat too well.

  1. Shade says:


  2. drhooble says:

    Turns out, according to Tribunal, if you play Eve and lose it’s a ban. Fucking wow.

    • Rothmog says:

      I can’t judge. I report every Tryn as an unskilled player….friend and foe alike.

    • damndirtycat says:

      I don’t think the Red post exactly supports the point, but yes, you can get banned for playing Eve regardless of what actually happens in game. The only thing that matters under the automated Tribunal is the number of reports received over a period of time. The reports do not have to be legitimate. The case is then peer reviewed, which is to say 94% of the time punished because people just want to get their IP and run.

      I did eventually get a response from customer support that they can’t tell you the exact reason why you’ve been banned unless you’ve been perma-banned. All permanent bans ARE reviewed by Riot staff and they do a pretty good job of that.

      However, none or close to none of the temporary bans are reviewed by any Riot member, which is fine from a practical standpoint given the volume of reports. Of course, you then get cases where people are banned just because they’ve received falsified reports, not because they’ve actually done anything wrong.

      I have been told directly that you can get banned for doing anything that makes another player’s gameplay experience bad including:

      – Being new at League of Legends
      – Playing a character who doesn’t fit into the meta
      – Picking the new champ
      – Using the surrender button
      – Not winning your lane
      – Asking someone to stop harassing you
      – Asking someone to stop feeding
      – Not listening to a teammate’s directions even when it is a bad idea
      – Listening to a teammate’s directions
      – Responding to trolling
      – Not responding to trolling
      – Telling another player he or she is mistaken for any reason

      Summoner’s Code is too stronk.

      • xenocidebrm says:

        Blake, your post is a pro troll.

        You can’t honestly think that by playing and not being an asshat you’re going to receive a ban, can you? How is it in the best interests of Riot to make players feel that they can be banned for just playing? They’re a business, and they work to preserve their customer base.

        I promise, despite that cute video, there are times when you lose your composure and become the hardest troll on the planet; I’ve seen it happen IRL.

      • damndirtycat says:

        Xeno, the troll is strong with you. I was pretty tempted to answer with a legitimate post. 9/10

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