Finally! Requeue delay and hidden disconnects.

Posted: February 14, 2012 by xenocidebrm in General, Metagame, Patch

The basics from the Nautilus patch are this – everyone in the world got nerfed except for Alistair, Shen, and Warwick.  In addition, 2 much-needed changes to the game itself.  When someone dodges a queue, you now are automatically not requeued for 8 seconds, giving plenty of time to get out if you want to.  In addition, if someone on your team D/C’s, the enemy team won’t be notified for 5 minutes, which eliminates the 5v4 D/C push.  Awesome!  There haven’t been any substantial analysis articles in a little while now, but be assured that we’re working on one!

  1. Gorgosch says:

    Thanks for this short informaiton.
    I did not recognized this changes yesterday on EU server. Probalbly, we did not have the patch yet.
    The loosing the que and not beeing able to quit was very anyoing, especially if a friend came only between try 4 and 5.

    Are the nerves important, or is it again more a, Oh my god i have 0,5% less damage mitigation?

  2. Komax says:

    Thanks! I somehow missed this in the patch notes, awesome to see.

    And yeah, the buffs seem really important Gorgosch.

  3. Gorgosch says:

    Hey Guys what is up. Did your project end. Not one artikel for a whole week. Your overall writing is going down for a while. The game is still good, changes happening all over. Write your impressions. Bring up insigths.

    A pitty if this project would fail so fast.

    • xenocidebrm says:

      You’re right, things have been going downhill recently. Not sure why – I still play League, I’m just not writing much anymore. It would be a pity if we stopped, to be honest, as we’ve just recently started getting more legitimate, in my eyes. I’ll try to cook up something nice, but we might shift our posting schedules around; we’ve lost a few writers, essentially, and a weekly article might be more our speed these days.

    • damndirtycat says:

      I have plenty of valuable contributions I could throw out there for people. I could write a dozen articles a day for the rest of my life on this game. To be frank, I absolutely love League of Legends as a game. Riot has put enough care into the game to make it mechanically sound, fluid, and fun for both veterans and newbies.

      The problem is the community. I can’t stand it. AFKers, trolls, generally unpleasant people, they’re in every single match and drain any ounce of fun out of League. I can’t even call these people out for *fear of being banned*. I’m not okay with that. *No one* should be okay with that.

      To put it simply, it’s not worth my time to try and figure things out for people. Going into a game to try something out is virtually impossible. Using math and logic to disprove common misconceptions does nothing when the pros troll on stream and everyone takes them seriously.

      More tragically, I want people to see what the community is like. When you step into League for the first time, I want the newbie to feel that shame of not knowing what to do. Not having a single decent newbie guide. Being attacked by teammates and enemies alike for not knowing how to play or any idea of how to get better. I want them to feel the same way I did when I started playing this game, how I still feel about it, to experience the fact that this community ruins a wonderful game by treating every player like garbage.

      It’s the only way people, and Riot, will want to change the community for the better.

      Me? I’m going to work on some personal projects. I wish you LoL players who come here the best of luck, you’ve been the exception in the community and I can’t thank you enough for your feedback and support. I don’t speak for the rest of the No ELO crew, so don’t think that there are no more articles or videos coming eventually!

      • Capac Amaru says:

        Are you new to the internets Cat? Because the internet is made out of AFKers, trolls, and generally unpleasant people

      • damndirtycat says:

        I expect it from the general internet. I don’t expect it in a professionally made game with a professional community at every level of play. Even CS 1.6 wasn’t quite this bad.

  4. xenocidebrm says:

    You’re romanticizing CS, and the fact that the game is “professionally made” with a “professional community” is both a) not germane and b) flat-out wrong. “Professional” means that someone does something for a living, or is used too indicate that someone acts in a respectful, businesslike manner. By your own accusations, the community is far from “professional,” though they’re not nearly as bad as you think.

    • damndirtycat says:

      The game is made by professionals and has a professional community. Ergo, the game ought to be professional. CS wasn’t even professionally made and the community still treated individuals with more respect than the League community. If you disagree with the idea that League was professionally made (it was after it was acquired and forced into a business model by a Chinese company) or that it ought to have a professional community (it has a ranked system and a metagame), then you are doing more damage than I ever could to LoL by holding the game to a lower standard.

      • xenocidebrm says:

        I don’t disagree that it was professionally made, it’s just not relevant. Bejewled was also professionally made, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should take it as seriously as LoL. Also, in your original post you said that it had a “professional community at every level of play” and that’s what I disagreed with – quite clearly there are no pros at my ELO, and no pros playing co-op vs AI, and no pros playing just for fun.

        We agree on the heart of the matter, though, and that’s that the community tends to be extremely harsh and that it has a negative effect on the experience of playing.

      • damndirtycat says:

        “I don’t expect it in a professionally made game with a professional community at every level of play.”

        I can see where the confusion is occurring. Here, I point out that the game is professionally made and has a professional community to supplement my main point. The main point is that “I don’t expect it . . . at every level of play.” One of those strange cases where the sentence can mean two different things depending on how one reads it.

  5. Gorgosch says:

    Hm. I am playing on EU servers. Usally starting at 9pm up to 11pm.

    I avoid Ranked games due to the stress level of “I have to win”

    I enjoy pvp 5v5. And most games are not ranting. It is maybe a question about, could you try to play more defecive? Or something about that. You sometimes even get possitve feedback from the other side, and i tend to do the same.

    If a player outplayed me, i congratulate him for that.

    So the community really is not that bad.

    What troubles me of course is that you got banned, and not knowing the reason.

    That shuold just not happen. If they ban, they must give reason. So you can adjust this area.

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