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You suck at LoL

Posted: September 11, 2011 by drhooble in Comedy, Complaining, General, Metagame

You suck at LoL. Let me explain though. We all suck at LoL. There are roughly 100 people who play this game who can say they don’t suck. Everyone else sucks. The best you can hope for in LoL is to be considered bad. You’re simply not good and you suck. Now why am I pointing this out? Because you suck, yet, you get angry. And not only angry but really angry, like shouting in real life angry, furiously typing in caps angry, turning red angry. You get so angry that people in both the game and real life tell you to calm down. But you won’t because it’s not your fault! It’s that faggot Udyr’s fault! It’s that fucking Shaco’s fault! It’s that shitty Amumu’s fault! Not yours! Nope! Even if it isn’t your fault you still get un-be-lievebly angry. Super frustrated at something you can’t control. (more…)